About Rebecca

doula portrait outdoors
If you’re wondering a little bit about me, I grew up around the St. Louis area and moved to Springfield to attend college at Missouri State University. I majored in art education and met my husband there. I decided not to become a school teacher after graduating, and that was when I started my photography business.

Our first son was born at home with a midwife in September 2009. He was my inspiration for getting into all things babies & birth! After shooting several births, I found myself wanting to do more to help moms through labor. In 2011 I attended formal training to become a doula, and completed my certification at the end of 2012. Since then, I have been combining birth photography and doula work. I love both, but feel like being a doula is my calling, and my photography is a creative expression of that calling in my life. Of course I get to photograph for the families I serve as a doula, and it’s pretty awesome!

We now have two little boys who keep us on our toes. In my free time, I like to do outdoor activities with my family, like garden, camp, and hike. We enjoy traveling to new places and trying new restaurants. I also really like to cook! Mixed media painting and sewing top my list of creative things I like to do (after photography of course).

I’m also interested in independent study on essential oils and herbs and have written a short book on the industry and legitimate resources for personal home use. It is currently in the process of publishing through Amazon! I occasionally teach informational classes to other moms with an emphasis on safe, practical use of essential oils and herbs. In fall of 2015 I began taking classes towards my future goal of becoming an IBCLC. I look forward to helping women solve complicated breastfeeding problems [that I wish they didn't have, but they happen].


Why I became a doula
Experience & training