Birth Doula Services


Birth Doula Package

What you get:

  • Before the Birth
    • Free Initial Consultation
    • 2 Prenatal visits; more if necessary
    • 24/7 on-call status two weeks before your estimated due date until you have your baby
    • Client-only informational binder
    • Access to my lending library
    • Safe Aromatherapy consult
  • During the Birth
    • Labor support (here are some specific examples of the support you may receive)
    • Immediate postpartum & breastfeeding support
    • Approximately 10 professional photographs of the birth, if desired
    • Access to my obstetrical TENS unit
    • Backup Doula arranged in the case of a personal or family emergency
  • After the Birth
    • 1-2 Postpartum visits with 4 weeks of breastfeeding/postpartum support
    • Access to support via email/phone/text with questions or concerns
  • Price: $850
  • Some insurances will reimburse you for doula services!
  • Add extended birth photography package for $600
    • 50-75 photos taken in the moments between doula’ing
    • 30-page professionally-designed album of your favorites that best tell your birth story
    • Option to purchase remaining digital images on a custom-engraved walnut USB
  • FAQs


“We Got This” Package

What you get:

  • Comfort Techniques class to practice hands-on methods for pain relief and relaxation
  • Doula on Call via text/phone during your birth to provide information, suggestions, and tips throughout the actual process
  • Breastfeeding Support/postpartum visit to help with any issues, or to just help out around your house
  • TENS unit rental and training (if a full-paying client is not using it…it would be rare to have births overlap, though!)
  • Price: $250


April-June: Only bookings left for birth centers or home births with a licensed midwife (CNM or CPM)

July-September: Unavailable

October-November: Available for 1 birth per month at birth center, hospital, or home births with a licensed midwife (CNM or CPM)

Previous clients who are pregnant again: Please message me for additional options.


Call or text me today with your questions and schedule your free consultation. 417-830-6642.

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