Breastfeeding & Postpartum Help

Breastfeeding help & Postpartum help is already included in the regular doula package, but these options are for anyone. Contact me with any questions or to schedule your free consultation. or 417-830-6642

Breastfeeding Help

  • In-home help – $50 w/followup and referrals as necessary


Extra Post-partum Help

  • A good option for:
    • Those who will not have extra, knowledgeable support during the post-partum time
    • Those who have struggled or are at-risk for post-partum mood disorders
    • Those who are struggling with breastfeeding and parenting,
    • Those with extra children in the house, or
    • Whatever reason you want. We could all use a little extra help with a new baby!
  • 2 hr chunk – $60
  • 8 hr package - $225

Call today to get help with breastfeeding and postpartum. 417-830-6642

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