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A Quick Update

palette for doula branding

If you like design & branding nerd-talk, you’re a doula looking for inspiration for your own site, or you’re just curious why I changed some of my branding, this post is for you. new logo I’ve been working hard lately on branding and design. After spending some time the past few months doing some business […]

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What does a Doula *actually* do for me?”

What is a doula? “You’re a what?? Is that like a midwife?” That is the number one response when I tell someone what I do for a living. And no, a doula is not quite like a midwife! A doula is someone who is trained and experienced in childbirth, but does not perform medical tasks. […]

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Doulas: Sore muscles after a birth

Doulas, what are your top three items for self-care after a birth? For me, I mostly get sore muscles the day after a physically intense birth. Like the other day, I was bent over, halfway in a bathtub at a home birth, doing the double hip squeeze with one arm jammed up at a funny […]

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Doulas: Post-birth

Just keepin’ it real. Not pictured: 4 baskets of laundry half-folded on the bed. At least it was clean laundry this time. I like to think they just had so much fun playing with Daddy that they didn’t have time to clean. Yeah….That. Posts I didn’t do for World Doula Week 2015: Day 1: Post […]

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