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Postpartum Meal Idea: Chicken Alfredo, etc.

You know that guy who wrote “The Five Love Languages”? Clearly Mr. Chapman forgot one of them. Food. Is it love or is it an art? I haven’t decided…perhaps it’s both! I love to cook and pray over the recipients while I do it. For their healing, for encouragement to their souls, for the new […]

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Post partum doula care – Why it matters more than you think

When you are a tired, cranky, bleeding, hormonal, hot milk factory taking care of a tiny helpless human, things get difficult. You have trouble remembering what you’ve read about baby care in those fat books and websites with judgy mom-forums. (Is my baby going to die or get cancer because I used that store-bought lotion […]

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Baby Stuff: What should we register for??

There is a flood of baby products on the market, and it can be overwhelming if you’re a first-time parent. Honestly….and I say this as someone who wants to own a “Tiny House” someday….most everything will just take up space and you won’t use it as much.Here are my top suggestions! Gift certificates for education […]

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