These letters of recommendation are from my doula clients, birth photography clients, or birth attendants I have worked with.  I hope they will give you some insight into my personality & my heart as a doula.  I would be happy to provide you with their phone numbers or email addresses after our initial consultation so you can talk to them privately.


Having Rebecca involved in my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period was one of the best choices I have made. Even though she was out of the state when I first contacted her, she made a great effort to stay in touch via email and phone calls so she could stay up-to-date on the details during the early part of my pregnancy. Rebecca brought in a sense of calm during the turbulent portions of my pregnancy as I sought to have a VBAC. Once in labor, she came to the hospital faster than I expected and became an anchor of peace and encouragement! Without her I don’t think I would have been able to have a successful VBAC. She was calm, well-informed, and helped me me stay confident in the face of adversity regarding my VBAC. Her presence was felt even when she stepped away to take pictures after my daughter was born. She included my husband during my pregnancy and after delivery she was very sweet to my firstborn as he came in to meet his sister. Rebecca stayed with us way later than she needed, but her help was undoubtedly the best I could have asked for. Even when I was struggling with nursing a month after, she came to my consultant appointments and had even more information to share with me and different suggestions to try! Looking back, I can say that hiring Rebecca as my doula was THE best decision I made during the entire course of my pregnancy!” -Kelsey

“I would recommend Rebecca as a doula to any pregnant mom especially if a natural birth is desired. She has such a passion to see women and families have an enjoyable birth experience. I look back on my birth with joy and that is due, in part, to Rebecca’s assistance. Rebecca went above and beyond to help me with pain management and to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. It also gave my husband and I the opportunity to grow even closer because he was able to be right by my side during the toughest parts of labor while Rebecca assisted with pressure points for pain. My husband was especially grateful for Rebecca because she gave him more understanding on what to do and made him feel more at ease during my labor. Whether one is having a hospital birth or a home birth, Rebecca would be an excellent doula and an asset to the birth experience.”  -Lindsay

“This was my second, and I transferred to the hospital from having a midwife prior to my labor due to marginal placenta previa. Rebecca was supportive every step of the way while I was making decisions toward the end of my pregnancy. She met with me prior to the birth and was there helping me remember questions I may have for my baby’s care. I wasn’t as informed with my first birth so wanted the added support of a doula. I didn’t have as much pain management support because my labor was so short (2hrs total) but the support during and after birth was very important. She was very concerned in staying with me to make sure breast feeding went ok, and did a follow up visit with me to see if I was still doing ok or needed any further assistance. With anything I ever had concerns with, Rebecca would answer with care, or research until she had a better understanding of what I was wanting to know. I appreciate her willingness to ago the extra mile when it comes to being confident and comfortable with having a happy, safe and healthy birth experience.” - Lacy

“My first and only birth at the time was filled with unwanted interventions and eventually surgery. I never felt judged by Rebecca. My first impression of her was that she was genuinely kind and considerate. This impression has held true over time. Since then, I’ve learned that Rebecca is also selfless. She puts so much time and energy into her community in various ways.  Rebecca is also passionate about informed, safe birth.…I had seen how lovely her photography was in the recent weeks…She met with my husband and I to get a sense of what we wanted. We both felt so comfortable around her. She was very welcome at our birth.  On November 2, 2011 my son was born. Rebecca worked so well around my birth team! She was very respectful and calm, helping whenever and wherever needed – even doing dishes! My labor lasted 24 hours and well into the night. Rebecca stayed to capture each amazing moment of my journey. It was such a joy to have her in my home that night. I can remember a point when I hit a brick wall. I was pushing pretty inefficiently and began to get scared. In between intense contractions, I looked up at my love seat. There sat Rebecca, with her camera. Her expression was one of understanding and encouragement. She didn’t even have to say anything. I knew she had been in my place and succeeded. I drew strength from our previous birth conversations.  After his birth, Rebecca worked overtime to get the pictures ready for us to view and to share with our family and friends. The images were exquisite! We will be forever grateful for Rebecca and her many talents and friendship.  Rebecca will make an excellent Doula! She really does care about what each mother wants from their birth experience. She is very educated about the options available for mothers and their babies. Her calm, loving demeanor is ideal for a birth attendant. Rebecca is, by nature, a Doula.”  -Cherrelle


Rebecca was truly a godsend, in every sense of the word. I didn’t even know that I needed a doula until I was at the beginning of my first labor. My birth instructor asked if she could send Rebecca over to check on me after I was having an unusual beginning of labor, and when she walked in she was an immediate calming presence. This labor ended up being very long and extremely hard, birthing a 10 pound baby boy. My husband and I both say that if it wasn’t for Rebecca we would’ve transferred to the hospital and got an epidural. Once we found out we were pregnant with our second child, the first person we contacted, even before our midwife, was Rebecca. If you want an unmedicated natural birth, a doula is a necessity. Rebecca is a kind, gentle, knowledgeable presence who cares for her clients long after the baby has been born, offering any support she can. Rebecca is invaluable.” -Kayla

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca for several years, both in a professional and personal capacity. Rebecca has attended a number of births with me as the birth photographer. I have also worked with her on political issues, in a local moms support group, and just enjoyed spending time with her as a friend.  Rebecca has a passion for women to have good birth experiences – ones that they’ll remember fondly for the rest of their life whenever they think of how they first met their baby.  She has already shown her dedication to the mothers and babies of Springfield by her interest and involvement in many local projects and organizations. She’s quick to jump in and say, “I’ll help!” whether it’s taking a meal to a new mom, loaning a stack of books to a mom considering various birth options, writing an article about birth or mothering choices, or just simply sharing resources and encouragement with a new mom who is struggling with breastfeeding or integrating a difficult birth experience.  I’m so excited that she has decided to take this next step of becoming a doula. I believe that Rebecca’s heart and hands will do a world of good for the mothers and babies of Springfield, and look forward to seeing her step into this new role.”  -Mary Ueland, Certified Professional Midwife

“Rebecca’s positive attitude, her ability to be quiet and present, and her previous experience at births will all help to make her a good doula.  She has been a valuable member of the birth teams at the births I have attended with her.  She participated, but was not intrusive (some people have a hard time realizing that everything is not all about them – including someone else’s birth).  She was willing to help out in any way she could.  -Ame, Midwife’s Apprentice


“Rebecca was hired as the photographer at the birth of my daughter Margot, but by the end of that very long day, she had become so much more.  I had a very long labor, over 24 hours.  Rebecca spent around 12 hours with me during the labor!  There were many people present and thinking back, I remember Rebecca being so intuitive about where she was needed and incredibly able to multitask and make sure everything was running smoothly for everyone.  She became a sort of house mother as everyone else was very focused on either me and my very intense labor or my boisterous two year old.

During my labor, while taking all the beautiful photographs she was hired to take, Rebecca also spent countless hours boiling pot after pot of water to keep the birthing tub full and warm.  She brought me all different types of food to make sure there was always something I would be willing to munch on when I felt hungry.  She ran to the store for food for the birthing team and extra supplies.  She played with my son when his care provider needed a break.  When my birth team needed to conference, she sat by my head and spoke quietly to me and wiped my forehead with a cool washcloth.  She made me the most amazing post-birth nachos that have ever been made (I think maybe all women love the very first food they eat after giving birth but they really were delicious.)  Perhaps most importantly, I remember that after Margot was born, as a friend held her and my husband put our son to bed and the midwives took care of a perineal repair, Rebecca looked right at me and asked me how I was feeling and if I needed anything.  She told me what a great job I had done and she told me what an honor it was to be present for the birth.  She “mothered the mother” in that moment in the most perfect way she could have and it came so naturally to her.  Rebecca is knowledgeable about birth and breastfeeding and she is a mother that other mothers look to for advice, support, and camaraderie.  She brings a smile to the face of those around her and I would absolutely hire her as a doula if I were to ever need one in the future!”  -Rebecca C.